Understanding The B2B Sales Force StructureThe importance of a competent sales force for a successful business needs no introduction; after all they (sales force) are the ones responsible for building a long term relationship with the customers. They are the ones who negotiate the final sales term. They are also the ones who represent the company & are presented with the heavy weight task of making a positive impression on the customers.

B2B Sales Force Structure & Its Types
As already mentioned the sales force has an important role to play in the success & smooth running of a business. When we speak of the term ‘sales force’, it can be used to denote both the internal sales team and the external one. Internal Sales Team refers to the team in-charge of carrying out sales & promotion from within the office, while the External Sales Team actually travels outside & gives sales presentations & takes care of all field work. Depending upon the organization, there B2B Sales Force can be structured in different ways.

      • In-house B2B Sales Force - Almost all big organizations follow an In-house B2B Sales Force Structure, which basically refers to a sales force which is directly hired by the company & is on its payroll. Other than the salary, they may also get a commission depending upon the volume of sales they manage to do.
      • Third-party B2B Sales Force - Sometimes it makes better sense for an organization to outsource the sales task to a third party. The third-party will provide a competent B2B Sales Force who will take care of the B2B sales. The task of managing & supervising the competent B2B Sales Force falls on the third party.
      • Apart from this, some organizations also prefer to hire Independent Sales Representatives for managing their B2B sales. These Independent Sales Representatives are typically hired on a contract basis.

Also the B2B Sales Force Structure of an organization can be differentiated on the basis of their specialization – whether the sales force concentrates on a specific geographical area, a product type, customer base, etc.  A competent B2B Sales Force team is a valuable asset for a firm.

Import and Export B2B Leads

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